Friday, January 4, 2013

Holiday #Tanjung Aan Beach

Hii all..
Next destination for my holiday is Tanjung Aan Beach..
Tanjung Aan beach is only maybe 3 kilometers from Kuta beach.. the view's awesome.. just take alook..

in this beach there's hill that we can ride it..

that's view from the top of the hill.. amazed.. subhanallah..
my face already burn.. T.T
with all of my friends + swiss tourist.. i forget her's name.. so sorry..

that's the way to go to the hill..
Tanjung Aan Beach.. what a beautiful place..
actually, near Tanjung aan beach there's a beatiful place that's call Batu Payung.. "Umbrella Stone" in english.. but we're not go there cause we can handle the heat of sunshine.. 
but i give you the view of  Batu Payung .. i get this photo from my sister's album..
beautiful hah.. Lombok is a paradise island.. that's why i love living here..

ok.. wait for another post yaa..


  1. hi i´ve been to Tanjung Aan, di lombok kan? such a great and amazing view! i fell in love with the beautiful ocean and beach they got! worth to visit, even twice :D anyway, where can i contact you? i wanna ask you about a collaboration project. thank you

    1. I'm so sorry dear.. I just opened my blog again after i've been busy about my new work.. Just add my line putri_ws.. Thank you ^^



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