Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stuck at backstage

hellow gals..
in this post i wanna share our  experience (me and some commite of Hijabers Mataram) on Grand Launching Hijabersmom Lombok and now we assigned to be LO (Liaison Officer) whose job be responsible for all the needs of the designer at backstage during the fashion show..

we waiting in front of the designer's room..
we stay at backstage during the event.. that's make we so so boring..

we're twins for today.. lol

angry pose.. ceritanya..

that's what we wear..

design by Hannie Hananto..

design by Jeny Tjahyawati

design by Irna Mutiara

Grand Launching Hijabersmom Lombok

pembagian doorprize

with one of my fav designer.. Irna Mutiara

tha't all our story at backstage..

see yaa.. 

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